Our Values

Strategic Direction

Business and Community Involvement through Internships, Job Shadowing and Mentorship

Develop Marketing of the District and Community through Branding

Improve Work and People Skills

Develop Parental Contacts Promoting School Involvement

Build Productive Relationships with the Medical Field to Increase the support and Open Lines of Communication to Support Students with Mental Health Issues


Mission Statement

"Building Positive Foundations for the Success of Our Children."




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Our Communities

The Wautoma Area School District is located in east central Waushara County and includes the municipalities of the City of Wautoma, Villages of Redgranite and Lohrville, and the Townships of Wautoma, Deerfield, Leon, Mt. Morris, Marion, Warren, Richford and Dakota. Encompassing 182 square miles, the residency is approximately 7,116.

Currently the Wautoma Area School District’s 4K-12 enrollment is about 1,300 The District employs 120 certified teachers and counseling staff; 11 administrative staff; and 150 assistants, bus drivers, custodians, food service, clerical, coaching, after school, and substitute staff.

In 2016, visioning stakeholders consisting of community members, school district staff and students designated a vision for the District in the year 2025. This same group met to review the progress that had been made and provide feedback in 2017. The Focus 2025 meetings plan to continue in the future.

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Seth Boersma

Wautoma High School Social Studies Teacher

I am proud to say that I teach in the Wautoma Area School District. Our innovative approach to education allows me to thrive as an educator and as a leader and I find a great deal of satisfaction in my daily and long-term professional efforts. We are on the leading edge of whole-student learning, including grading for learning and innovative instructional design. Our board of education, administrative team, certified and support staff, and our community/industry partners are dedicated to excellence in education and we are becoming a model for other districts to follow. 


Erica Hendrickson

Parkside School Elementary Teacher

It's been incredible working for the Wautoma Area School District and a privilege to teach the amazing students within our community. WASD is a place that values the whole child, placing a focus on both academic and character education. It is inspiring to be surrounded by other educators, administrators, and support staff, who are dedicated in helping each individual student be successful, grow, and learn. I've always felt encouraged to take instructional risks that support student success and there are countless opportunities to grow professionally making WASD a great place to work. I'm proud to work for WASD and it's hard for me to imagine working anywhere else.


Katie Attoe

Riverview Special Education Teacher

I have loved working and being a part of the Wautoma Area School District the past 6 years. I have had many opportunities to further my learning as a teacher and grow professionally. The teachers here put the children first and really strive to help them in every way possible. We put their needs first and focus on servicing the whole child. We have built a community within the staff that makes everyone feel welcomed and valued. I love my team of teachers and enjoy getting to work with them daily and bounce ideas off each other. I enjoy building relationships with my students and seeing their growth over the years. I am proud to work for WASD and look forward to all the new opportunities each year.


Current Openings

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If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, assistant, secretary, cook or custodian, please fill out the Employment Application and return it to the Wautoma Area School District Office, located at 556 S. Cambridge Street, PO Box 870, Wautoma, WI 54982.

For more information about any of these positions, please contact Katie Schaefer
at 920-787-7112 ext. 1300 or email [email protected].

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