Parkside At-Home Instruction


We will continue to communicate with you through email and text as we have been throughout the year. Whole 5th Grade Google Classroom and email is where your child should be checking for updates. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact your child's teacher.


In order to keep 6th grade students learning throughout this unique situation, the 6th grade teachers created an exclusive Google Classroom. It is a one-stop shop where teachers post content area interactive activities. Additionally teachers created a weekly calendar in order to help students and parents pace themselves as they work through the day. Students are being asked to show their teachers that they are being accountable by sending pictures of them completing work, logging their physical activities through a Google Form or by completing work through interactive websites like Readworks.org and sheppardssoftware.com.

Weekly Newsletter

6th Grade Weekly Planner


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In order to help guardians and parents of 8th grade students stay informed about school work for their child, the 8th grade teachers are inviting guardians and parents to their Google Classroom. In doing so, they will regularly be notified of any posts or assignments that are made in each class. The invite to each Google Classroom will be sent out through an email, please accept the invitation in order to receive the updates and posts. If one parent or guardian by chance did not get an invite as a guardian and would like to, please email the teacher to let them know.