Online registration for the 19/20 school year will open July 1, 2019

Online registration will take place beginning July 1, 2019. Registration is required before the childs first day of attendance. This year the process will again be done paperless and can be done from the convenience of your own home! If you need assistance with registration or do not have internet at home you may contact your child's school or come into your child's school on Dates TBD. You can also contact the District Registrar and/or set up an appointment by calling 920-787-3354 ext. 1210. Parents of returning students need an Infnite Campus Parent Portal account. Parents of new students do not need an account. Please see links below.


La registración en línea estará abierta el Primero de Julio del 2018! La página de internet estará en Facebook y en la página de internet

Necesita acceso a una computadora o asistencia con la registración en línea? Tendremos  días programados para eso! La oficina en cada escuela estará abierta del 31 de Julio hasta el 2 de Agosto (Martes, Miércoles, y Jueves) 10am-6pm. Si necesita ayuda con la registración en línea o asistencia con su nombre de usuario , contraseña y registration para usar el portal de internet Infinite Campus por favor póngase en contacto con  

Julia Staehler: [email protected] o 787-3354 ext 1210

También podrá registrar a su hijo/a(s) con Julia en La Highschool de Wautoma.

Estamos localizados en la Escuela Riverview los siguientes días y   horarios. Podrá entrar por la parte detrás de la escuela.

Martes     17 de Julio del 2018  de 6-8

Jueves     19 de Julio del  2018 de 6-8

Viernes    20 de Julio  del 2018 de  6-8

Contact information

Julia Staehler- District Secretary

920-787-7112 ext 1210


Information about online registration

Online registration is new to the Wautoma Area School District this year. Registering online can take between 20 minutes- 1 hour. Please have documentation ready to go before beginning. You can save an application and return to it later but it is important that you write down your application number. Online registration is open all year round. 


Links for registration

Existing Students

If you are registering an existing student please log into Infinte Campus Parent Portal to access regsitration information. There will be a link located on the bottom left hand side saying "registration". This will auto populate information from the previous school year. You will be able to edit information as well as register a new student in the household

If you do not have an infinite campus account or forgot your username and/or password please contact someone from the contact list above. 


New Students

Kiosk  (For NEW students only - do not use if you have students attending WASD)

Please use this link if you are enrolling new student(s) to the Wautoma Area School District. Do NOT use this link if you already have students enrolled in the Wautoma Area School District.



**Video Tutorial coming soon***