Academic Standards

Why are academic standards important? 


Academic achievement, with the emphasis on students, is the driving force behind the goals for curriculum and performance in the Wautoma Area School District. . As we move forward in our ever-changing world, students are faced with greater challenges and career opportunities that we don’t even know exist!  We are dedicated to providing educational experiences that will prepare all students for success in their future college or career paths!


Academic standards serve as rigorous goals for teaching and learning.  Setting high standards and  clear statements to our students, parents, teachers, and community members provides what students should have learned at any given point in time. Clarifying what students must know and be able to do is essential so that we may offer students opportunites to be successful and prepared for their future. Beyond clear statements of what children in our state know and do, we need to have evidence that students are meeting these expectations. Academic standards form a sound basis on which to establish the content of a statewide assessment system.


WIsconsin Academic Standards - all content area standards listed here


Wisconsin English Language Arts - Pamphlet format of the ELA standards


Wisconsin Mathematics  - Pamphlet format of the ELA standards


Next Generation Science Standards - The Wautoma Area School District has adopted these national standards even though the state has not formally approved them;  the WASD Board of  Education approved these standards in the Fall of 2013..


The following you tube video explains the common core standards clearly and outlines the importance of common standards across the United States: 3 Minute Video Explanation of the Common Core Standards


Common Core: A New Foundation for Student Success: A New Foundation for Student Success